BONECO/Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147

If you’re in the market shopping for a high-quality premium dual mist humidifier which is specially intended to last for many years, then the BONECO/Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147 will be an excellent choice. This model is one of the most popular and highly-rated BONECO humidifiers available out there.

This humidifier can be used for both home and offices purposes, and is capable of delivering moisture to rooms with up to 600 square feet coverage space. Additionally, it comes fitted with a water reservoir capacity of up 1.5 gallons (5.6 liters), and features an output level of 3 gallons (11 liters), hence delivering enough moisture per 24 hours of continuous operation. Plus, this humidifier is dual operational, thus giving you the option to select whether you would like it to disperse warm or cool moisture. During winter months, you can choose the warm mist option, while during summer months, you can pick the cool mist option. Furthermore, the unit comes with a hygrostat which enables you to set your desired humidity level – the humidifier will stop once it reaches the desired level of humidity.

The Air-O-Swiss Humidifier 7147 features a double jet nozzle which helps disperse the moisture more evenly. It also has an indicator light which lets you know when it is time to refill the water reservoir. Also, there is an indicator which reminds you when to refill the water tank, and even when to clean the device. This unit comes with a demineralization cartridge which removes any mineral deposits from the hard water, thus reducing the unhealthy white dust.


  • It is very useful with high output for rooms up to 600 sq.ft.
  • The unit is whisper-quiet when running.
  • It offers both warm and cool mist.
  • It is pretty easy to use with AUTO mode.
  • It has programmable hygrostat and digital display.



  • The design is a bit bulky.
  • The lights don’t dim when needed.


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